Deluxe Mad Hatter Adult CostumeThis Halloween why don’t you put on a sexy adult Mad Hatter costume. Your costume is part of the first impression people make of you when you arrive at a party, or should I say tea party gone wild now that you’ve arrived.   Your Alice in Wonderland costume may cause some mischievous misconduct this Halloween, because of it’s sweet but naughty appeal.  This costume is festive for Halloween especially this year because Johnny Depp played the role of the Mad Hatter in the popular movie Alice in Wonderland.  You don’t have to be a guy to dress as the Mad Hatter as the movie spurred a frenzy within the costume industry and as demand has it,  ladies are loving the Mad Hatter tea party outfit as well as some of the other new Wonderland Costumes, the Queen of Hearts costume, Alice dress and even Cheshire cat costumes for women.

Deluxe Adult Mad Hatter Costume

Available Sizes for Adult Women: X-Small, Small, Medium and Large.

Sexy Mad Hatter CostumeThis sweet tea party hostess form fitting jacket is bordered with satiny lavender blue ribbon trim.  The front opening sports a frilly ruffled bodice with clear straps, and a single faux button-up row.  Turquoise tutu attached mini skirt adds style and shape in keeping with the tailored look of a tea party hatter cocktail dress. Formality speaks, what Hatter would go without a tailcoat, and this costume has a detachable coat train with fastened bow.  Also included is a turquoise bow tie, and matching headband top hat.

Pair this super Halloween costume up with some fish net stockings and shiny black boots to really complete it.   It is the costume accessories that really evoke the nostalgia of this fun character.  Now you are ready to step out on Halloween in style.

Halloween is a traditional favorite annual holiday and celebration for numerous people, and it takes place on October 31.  While many children and families are trick or treating, older teens and adults of all ages will be invited over to a friend’s Halloween costume party, office costume dress up, or masquerade ball.  The Mischievous sexy Mad Hatter costume and sweet tea party hostess costumes are going to add quite a bit of sugar and spice to the usual assortment of ghosts, goblins and ghouls this year.  The Wonderland theme is also perfect for a group Halloween costume party and should include a men’s Mad Hatter costume, mischievous women’s mad hatter costume, Alice in Wonderland dress, Queen of Hearts costume and the grinning Cheshire cat costume.

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