Hatter Costumes for Halloween

Electric Mad Hatter Costume Children, teens and adults celebrate Halloween every year on October 31 by dressing up in costume and trick or treating door to door, or by joining their friends, family, and co-workers at a frightfully fun party.  You can shut your eyes and conjure up scary images of vampires, ghosts, ghouls and witches on Halloween or even bristle at the thought of some of the scariest costumes.  Seeing a Hatter Costume should certainly ease the tension from a party of nasty looking werewolves, spine chilling witch costumes, or a group of role playing zombies.  You would be quick witted, dazzling and odd all at the same time.  Tell that werewolf that he’s late, and confuse the old witch with a riddle or infamous saying that sounds like a spell of your own, as for the zombies I would dance a quick Futterwacken and quickly exit stage left.

5 Piece Electric Hatter Costume for Adults

Hatter Costume Whether you dance the electric slide or do the Futterwacken as the Mad Hatter of Alice in Wonderland did, you are sure to feel like doing something wacky in this outrageously awesome costume.  You can be the most impressive party host in an outfit that is ideal for virtually any masquerade ball, Halloween costume party, themed Birthday party, or Mardi Gras festival.

This snazzy hatter’s outfit comes with an electric tangerine gentleman’s dress coat, energetic and brilliant glowing royal blue jacket-vest with contrasting big white buttons, a complementary wide blue bow tie and decorative wide lace ruffle known as a jabot.  Easy to wear black trousers are packaged together with this adventurous and suave stylish outfit.  The jabot and tie accessories are included in this 5 piece outfit.  Costume comes in Adult Size Medium, Large and  X-Large.

Wondering what to wear this Halloween? Your coolest costumes often are a take off from characters that have played important roles in block buster movies from the past year.  Alice in Wonderland was a big movie hit that has made the Mad Hatter one of the most popular costumes this year.  What is so fascinating about the Mad Hatter’s character, and why would you want to dress up in a Hatter Costume this year for Halloween?  It’s his quirky personality,  bizarre behavior, and most eccentric wardrobe that’s magnetic.   This movie inspired the large collection of stylish Johnny Depp hatter costumes now available at costume stores online today.

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