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Mad Hatter Hat

Wear a Mad Hatter Hat and Instantly Become the Mad Hatter this Halloween — It’s Never Too Late To Put on the Mad Hatter’s Hat for Trick or Treating and Birthday Tea Parties.  Are you determined to dress up as the Mad Hatter this Halloween?  If so, then you have finally discovered the right place to find an authentic looking Mad Hatter’s Wellington Hat.

Mad Hatter Hat for Adults One of the most memorable characters from the book and movie Alice in Wonderland is the Mad Hatter.  He delivers peculiar speeches, quotes and confusing riddles that seem to entertain us even though they make no sense.  The Mad Hatter is not only good at entertaining his guests and readers, he also seems to be amused by his own choice of words.

Where would the Mad Hatter be without his hat? And why would you want to dress up as the Mad Hatter anyway?  Well it is just plain old fun to wear such a massive top hat.

Everyone loves the Mad Hatter and your hat will become the topic of discussion and the hit of the party.  With such a conversation piece you may get compliments all night long.

In putting together a costume for the Mad Hatter it may make your life so much easier to purchase a Mad Hatter Hat than to create a new one.  The hat needs to look authentic, feel authentic and add a touch of sheer Johnny Depp magic to your outfit.

Alice In Wonderland Film – Mad Hatter Adult Hat

Adult Mat Hatter HatTransform into the ridiculous, yet infamous Tea party host in this splendidly insane top hat showing an elaborate detailed pattern, not to mention an extra wide shimmering peach toned band modeled on the style of the hat showcased in Tim Burton’s feature film Alice in Wonderland. This high quality hat is insanely close to looking like the one in the movie.

This top hat can be purchased separately. Fits most heads.

When someone asks how you came to the party you can respond with, ‘I traveled by hat’.  Whether you trick or treat by hat, be sure to have a fun and safe Halloween.

Johnny Depp wore a Wellington style hat when he played the role of the Mad Hatter in the Tim Burton movie Alice in Wonderland.  His hat in the movie was a deep green with intricate etched and embossed designs on it, numerous pins tacked into the side and a tag with 10/6 tucked under a wide salmon-pink toned band.

The top part of a classic Wellington Hat is wider than the part that goes around your head.  The Wellington Hat was named after Arthur Wellesley the 1st Duke of Wellington (1769 – 1852).  Duly worn between the years 1800 to 1820, the Wellington Top Hat was still seen to be worn by men as the years approached 1860.

Child Mad Hatter Costume

Youngsters love Halloween and especially trick or treating in costume

Child Mad Hatter Costume

Super fun costumes are available these days, and there are so many to choose from you can easily buy a costume online today and have it sent directly to your door, fast. Every year new styles, themes, and movie characters come available for children of all ages at Halloween. Kids love to dress up as their favorite movie character and can hardly hold back the excitement as they dress for Halloween. They can’t wait to show their friends their fun Halloween costume.

This year it’s going to be very cool to dress up as the Mad Hatter. The popular movie character costume inspired by the magical movie Alice in Wonderland (2010). It’s definitely a Mad Hatter Halloween.

The Mad Hatter Child Costume

Mad Hatter Child Costume Is sure to win the approval of your child or tween. She will be a huge success on Halloween or at any masquerade party or Birthday celebration. Tea parties are all the rage and throwing a Mad Hatter un-birthday party is a good idea too!

Many girls are conscientious of what they wear for school Halloween costume dress-up. In this child’s Mad Hatter outfit, she will be dressed in sleek tea party style as this impressive artistic costume shows.

Costume is in vibrant colors and includes a deep plum waist coat jacket lined with green trim and an oversized bright yellow bow. Pink skirt attached to jacket, mod leggings with wild print, miniature Mad Hatter top hat, fingerless glovettes and ankle bootie shoe-covers are all included. Costume is available in large and x-large sizes.

Many boys will have fun dressing up in a Johnny Depp Mad Hatter costume. They can act silly and goof around doing the Futerwacken dance in this fun easy to wear costume consisting of an enormous over sized top hat with a fun gentleman’s tea jacket.

A costume for children should be easy to take care of and fit comfortably so they want to stay in it longer. There are many costumes for boys and girls, and some may be bulkier than others like the muscle bound Superhero costumes which some kids may insist on wearing. The Ironman costume is very cool this year, so is Transformers, and good ol’ Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story Costumes. Other cartoon classic boys muscle costumes are Spider-man, Batman and Wolverine.

Talk to your child to see what they like and browse online together to find the most appropriate yet fun costume for school Halloween parades, trick or treating, costume dress up parties, and all round fun with family and friends.

Hatter Costume

Hatter Costumes for Halloween

Electric Mad Hatter Costume Children, teens and adults celebrate Halloween every year on October 31 by dressing up in costume and trick or treating door to door, or by joining their friends, family, and co-workers at a frightfully fun party.  You can shut your eyes and conjure up scary images of vampires, ghosts, ghouls and witches on Halloween or even bristle at the thought of some of the scariest costumes.  Seeing a Hatter Costume should certainly ease the tension from a party of nasty looking werewolves, spine chilling witch costumes, or a group of role playing zombies.  You would be quick witted, dazzling and odd all at the same time.  Tell that werewolf that he’s late, and confuse the old witch with a riddle or infamous saying that sounds like a spell of your own, as for the zombies I would dance a quick Futterwacken and quickly exit stage left.

5 Piece Electric Hatter Costume for Adults

Hatter Costume Whether you dance the electric slide or do the Futterwacken as the Mad Hatter of Alice in Wonderland did, you are sure to feel like doing something wacky in this outrageously awesome costume.  You can be the most impressive party host in an outfit that is ideal for virtually any masquerade ball, Halloween costume party, themed Birthday party, or Mardi Gras festival.

This snazzy hatter’s outfit comes with an electric tangerine gentleman’s dress coat, energetic and brilliant glowing royal blue jacket-vest with contrasting big white buttons, a complementary wide blue bow tie and decorative wide lace ruffle known as a jabot.  Easy to wear black trousers are packaged together with this adventurous and suave stylish outfit.  The jabot and tie accessories are included in this 5 piece outfit.  Costume comes in Adult Size Medium, Large and  X-Large.

Wondering what to wear this Halloween? Your coolest costumes often are a take off from characters that have played important roles in block buster movies from the past year.  Alice in Wonderland was a big movie hit that has made the Mad Hatter one of the most popular costumes this year.  What is so fascinating about the Mad Hatter’s character, and why would you want to dress up in a Hatter Costume this year for Halloween?  It’s his quirky personality,  bizarre behavior, and most eccentric wardrobe that’s magnetic.   This movie inspired the large collection of stylish Johnny Depp hatter costumes now available at costume stores online today.

Tea Party Hostess Costume

How Would You Like to Dress Up in a Cool Tea Party Hostess Outfit this Halloween?

Tea Party Hostess CostumeThe new Tea Party Hostess Mad Hatter Halloween costume is available in stunning colors and styles, and will capture the attention of all your Halloween guests and friends.  Secretly other girls will wish they had thought of wearing a Tea Party Hostess costume.  You will look fabulous in the festive colors, flirty frills and unique attention to details found within the new hostess costumes and accessories.

Such a costume deserves to be worn by women who wish to wow the crowd this Halloween.  So don’t be shy, join in the fall holiday festivities, parties and masquerade events.  The Halloween season is here and now is the time to buy your costume so you can rest assured that you have it ready for any event that comes your way.

The vast majority of people are unsure of what to wear and panic at the thought of getting together an original costume.  Others are silently sniggering because they know the best kept secret of current costume stores and online companies like  The secret is out.  The most popular character to dress up as for Halloween this year is the Tea Party Hostess Costume from the movie Alice in Wonderland.

She’s one hot Tea Hostess!


Tea Party Hostess Adult Costume

Tea Party Hostess CostumeTumble straight down the Rabbit Hole with this Tea Sweetie, and you are sure to have a party in Wonderland! The lady’s dress-up costume comes with an over sized teal top hat with a number square fastened on and having a dark-colored brim, a black garter body-top which has a joined gold chest piece having a enormous teal bow, a matching frilly mini skirt, and opaque white-colored thigh highs with black color bows that can easily be fastened at the garter.

* Offered in Women’s Sizes: X-Small, Small/Medium, and Medium/Large.
* Includes: Hat, Top, Skirt, and Tights..

You’re sure to see her mingling among the various men’s Halloween Costumes, and other women dress up costumes on October 31.  The Tea Party Hostess is certainly sure to stir up a party, and she’ll probably be joined by ire pirates, debonair Aladdins, princesses and her Royal Highness, the Queen of Hearts, along with several cool looking card costumes that will dominate the scene this Halloween.

Mad Hatter Costume

Eccentric Adult Mad Hatter Costume

Have the best Halloween ever wearing a Mad Hatter Costume and be in style as the famous eccentric character from Alice in Wonderland.

Mad Hatter CostumeYour Mad Hatter Halloween costume storybook character is the host of a zany tea party that everyone seems to be late for.

You won’t be alone as you will be among a gathering of popular Wonderland characters at your tea party this Halloween.  It’s going to be a real storybook trick or treat with the most popular Mad Hatter’s outfit, as well as children and women dressed to the nines in the Queen of Hearts costume, Alice in Wonderland costume, even the March Hare and a Tweedledum costume or two.

One of the most fun holidays of the entire year is Halloween, so have a great time together with good friends and family, and plan it early.  Kids are excited to go trick or treating as there are family get togethers which they always look forward to.  Fun masquerade parties, with Frankenstein and the likes of.  But there is a new twist this year, the Mad Hatter is going to be there, and you’re expected to dress for tea.  How fun!

Chances are you’ve come to our page to view our huge assortment of Mad Hatter Halloween costumes which are available to you now to purchase at low prices.  By far, quite possibly you’ve found the most remarkable collection of top quality Halloween costumes around.  You now have immediate access to Limited Edition costumes and the most popular costumes of the year.  However, you shouldn’t depend exclusively on only what I have to say.  Browse around and see for yourself.  You owe it to yourself to wear the best costume ever this Halloween so take advantage of the wonderful complements the Mad Hatter Halloween costume will bring.  Go now and see what is available.  Hurry, the tea party is on and the Queen doesn’t like to wait.

Mad Hatter Elite CostumeMad Hatter Elite Adult Costume


(Available in Adult sizes extra large)

This adult Mad Hatter Costume is the maddest of all and it looks authentic!  It is an officially licensed Alice in Wonderland product. Costume sports a pink collared top with patterned ruffed bow tie and unusual white lace shirt sleeve cuffs coming out from under a faux velvet crushed brown coat with extra large collar and attached plaid vest.  The cropped pinstripe purple pants are embroidered with a flower and eye catching contrasting purple and orange socks.  This costume includes an outstanding Mad Hatter Hat in dark green with a wide golden ribbon band and a card with “10/6” printed on it.  Fire orange red hair is attached to the hat which looks just like the Mad Hatter’s own hair.
This costume includes the jacket with shirt, tie, pants, socks and hat with attached red hair.

Sexy Mad Hatter Costume

Deluxe Mad Hatter Adult CostumeThis Halloween why don’t you put on a sexy adult Mad Hatter costume. Your costume is part of the first impression people make of you when you arrive at a party, or should I say tea party gone wild now that you’ve arrived.   Your Alice in Wonderland costume may cause some mischievous misconduct this Halloween, because of it’s sweet but naughty appeal.  This costume is festive for Halloween especially this year because Johnny Depp played the role of the Mad Hatter in the popular movie Alice in Wonderland.  You don’t have to be a guy to dress as the Mad Hatter as the movie spurred a frenzy within the costume industry and as demand has it,  ladies are loving the Mad Hatter tea party outfit as well as some of the other new Wonderland Costumes, the Queen of Hearts costume, Alice dress and even Cheshire cat costumes for women.

Deluxe Adult Mad Hatter Costume

Available Sizes for Adult Women: X-Small, Small, Medium and Large.

Sexy Mad Hatter CostumeThis sweet tea party hostess form fitting jacket is bordered with satiny lavender blue ribbon trim.  The front opening sports a frilly ruffled bodice with clear straps, and a single faux button-up row.  Turquoise tutu attached mini skirt adds style and shape in keeping with the tailored look of a tea party hatter cocktail dress. Formality speaks, what Hatter would go without a tailcoat, and this costume has a detachable coat train with fastened bow.  Also included is a turquoise bow tie, and matching headband top hat.

Pair this super Halloween costume up with some fish net stockings and shiny black boots to really complete it.   It is the costume accessories that really evoke the nostalgia of this fun character.  Now you are ready to step out on Halloween in style.

Halloween is a traditional favorite annual holiday and celebration for numerous people, and it takes place on October 31.  While many children and families are trick or treating, older teens and adults of all ages will be invited over to a friend’s Halloween costume party, office costume dress up, or masquerade ball.  The Mischievous sexy Mad Hatter costume and sweet tea party hostess costumes are going to add quite a bit of sugar and spice to the usual assortment of ghosts, goblins and ghouls this year.  The Wonderland theme is also perfect for a group Halloween costume party and should include a men’s Mad Hatter costume, mischievous women’s mad hatter costume, Alice in Wonderland dress, Queen of Hearts costume and the grinning Cheshire cat costume.